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Customer Service Policy

This Policy has been written as a statement of commitment to our customers to show that
we will do whatever possible to ensure their happiness. What follows is a list of promises
that we aim to keep and guarantee customer satisfaction.

- We aim to ensure every customer feels respected and heard at all points of their experience with us.

- We aim to ensure all of our policies are visible and accessible for all customers to see.

- We aim to be consistent to our policies and processes to ensure customers know what to expect from us.

- We aim to be approachable and contactable in any cases where a customer feels our service may have missed the mark.
Please see our complaints policy for more information.

- We aim to ensure our team is informed in all areas of the business so any questions or concerns a customer may have can be addressed right away by a single dedicated team member.
In some occasions we understand that questions might be very specific to an area so communication within our teams is top priority to ensure a customer is not left awaiting an answer, nor is being passed between multiple members of the team.

- We aim to respond to customers questions and concerns as quickly as possible.
We have an improved FAQ as well as live chat available to customers to ensure accessibility for all if a phone call is not suitable.

If for any reason, as one of our customers, you feel that we have not met our promises,
please get in touch and we will do out very best to help resolve the issue.

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