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Complimentary Product Samples

To help facilitate the decision-making process, we recognise the importance of your customers being able to physically interact with the product and assess the print quality firsthand before finalising their order. To alleviate any concerns your clients might have before making a purchase, we offer the opportunity to preview the exact product they will receive, at no additional cost to them or to you. We can also customise the sample with their logo, providing a complete and accurate representation of the product to ensure it meets their branding expectations.

To arrange a complimentary sample for your client, simply send us an email ( with the delivery details, or fill in the contact form below.
If you'd like the product to feature their logo, please attach the logo file as you normally would.

Our commitment is to ensure your customers are consistently delighted with your Regal Toys printed products.
Additionally, we provide Free Pre-Order Visuals. Let us create mock-up designs for your customers approval, helping to streamline the process for you and your clients, while allowing you to focus your resources elsewhere.

You can choose between any of these complimentary services at any time:

  • Printed Physical Sample direct to you or your client.
  • Digital Mock-up
  • Photo of Printed Product

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