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Product Information and Templates

All of Regal Toy’s Promotional Products can be customised with your clients' Company Logo or Branding and we have put together Data Sheets for each of the Products so you can be sure you have all the information you need prior to placing an order. Alongside the Artwork Templates, the downloadable PDFs include Product Dimensions, Safety Information, Lead Times, and Packaging Information. Please see below for a full list of Product Information Sheets and Templates;


 9cm George Key Ring Bear [download]

 14cm Henry Bear [download]

 14cm Louis Lion [download]

 17cm Harry Bear [download]

 17cm Anne Bear [download]

 18cm James Bear [download]

 20cm Charles Bear [download]

 20cm Archie Bear [download]

 20cm Richard Bear [download]

 22cm Edward Bear [download]

 13cm Victoria Bear [download]

 16cm Victoria Bear [download]

 19cm Victoria Bear [download]

 20cm Elizabeth Bear [download]

 25cm Elizabeth Bear [download]

 30cm Elizabeth Bear [download]

 15cm Darcy Dog [download]

 20cm Darcy Dog [download]

 15cm Max Monkey [download]

 20cm Max Monkey [download]



 White T-Shirt (XS) [download]

 White T-Shirt (S) [download]

 White T-Shirt (M) [download]

 White T-Shirt (L) [download]

 Coloured T-Shirt (M) [download]

 Coloured T-Shirt (L) [download]

 Soft Toy Outfit: Hoody [download]

 Soft Toy Outfit: Chef [download]

 Soft Toy Outfit: Dressing Gown [download]

 Soft Toy Outfit: Graduate Outfit [download]

 Soft Toy Outfit: Hi-Vis Jacket [download]



 Durham Mug [download]

ALL REGAL TOYS PRODUCTS: Regal Toys Promotional Products - Master File [download]

Our range of Printed Soft Toys, Drawstring and Tote Bags, Ceramic Mugs and Coasters are printed in-house by an experience team of technicians and printers, who will make sure that only the best quality products are sent out to you or your customers. Each of the Product Information sheets features Artwork Instructions and Specifications so that you can be sure that everything will go smoothly when you submit your designs.

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