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Product Safety

Regal Toys Ltd is dedicated to delivering high-quality soft toys to our customers, ensuring that toy safety remains a critical aspect of our mission.

Our commitment to product safety is demonstrated through rigorous testing, ensuring compliance with the latest standards, which include updates or new regulations introduced after the initial directives. Our products adhere to the following standards, reflecting our dedication to safety and quality:

  • EN71-1: Mechanical and physical properties of toys
  • EN71-2: Flammability of toys
  • EN71-3: Heavy metal content of toys
  • EN71-9: Organic Substances
  • 2004/21/EC: Azo colourants directive
  • 91/338/EEC: Cadmium content directive

Regal Toys Ltd ensures that all products are tested in accredited laboratories to meet these standards. We maintain up-to-date test certificates and technical data files, which are readily available to demonstrate our compliance with the latest safety regulations. This approach ensures that our soft toys are not only beautiful and enjoyable but also safe for people of all ages, aligning with our commitment to quality and safety in all our products.

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